TV Commercials? Films?
Corporate Video? Documentaries?
Photoshoot? Branding? Events?

You name it, we have it.

This is the way we work at Useful Garbage Creations, with relentless enthusiasm and almost frightening dedication. So, just sit back and relax; pull out the old armchair, bring out that elegant pipe and watch the beautiful sunset. Your troubles are now ours! You're welcome.

Chandra Mani
Chandra Mani
Founder / Producer / Director

Has more than 11 years of experience in the field of Advertising, Branding and Filmmaking. He has worked for brand like Colgate, Adidas, ICICI bank, Axis bank, Modicare, Fevicol, Joyalukkas and many more.

What do you get from this, you ask?

Well, in a word, Everything!

As long as it is Film, Video or Print related of course. Or maybe peanut related...
We like peanuts! And Twinkies, too.

Thinking why Useful Garbage Creations?

With rising competition and the birth of a new agency happening every minute, the need of the hour is to do more, to give more and to be more than the ordinary. We are cinema bus, we are advertisers, we are conceptualizers and at times we are also just a consultant to brands. What makes us excited is ‘your problem’... We enjoy transforming challenges into opportunities. Therefore if your brand needs a better image, a better sales, a better identity, then we are game for the challenge.